Saturday, May 21, 2011

we made it.

Hi friends and family... mom and I made it.  And our travels were decently adventurous.

When I met mom in Portland, it had been so long since we sat down to just chat, we actually lost track of time, and they almost gave my seat away because I checked in later than they liked ... whoops!  That would have been horrible!  Lesson learned on that one, I guess.  Jeez laweez.  We also almost missed our connection from London to Rome due to a late take off in Rome, so we were the typical travelers running through the airport with all of our luggage to make our flight.  BUT, we made it.

Nonetheless, after more than 20 hours of travel on very little sleep, we made it to our adorable little B&B in Rome.  It's in the town of Trastevere.  The owner of the B&B, Georgio, is probably my age.  He and his grandfather bought this portion of the building and reconstructed everything just the two of them... they did a fabulous job.  It's clean, with a comfortable bed, our own bathroom and shower, and they even provide you with a blow dryer... holler!

We have done quite a few things in our two full days in Rome so far.  We have visited the Colosseum, Capitol Hill, the forum, Vatican City (we did a a tour for this one, so glad we did because we were able to skip the uncomfortably long line), a nice little hike to the top of Trastevere with beautiful views of Rome, and lots of walking around the little Roman streets. 

The little area of Trastevere is everything you would imagine a "little" Roman neighborhood to look like... cobble stone streets, beautiful flower pots hanging from windows everywhere, colorful shutters on every building, and lots and lots of good little eateries.

Anyhoo, here are a few photos from our adventures so far.

My first copa de vino (is that cup of wine in Italian?  I speak Spanish and English only friends, but it sounds right, and it makes me feel cool).

Mom's first piece of pizza.. it's amazing here, nothing like home.

Peaceful street.. i love the lighting in this photo.

Fruits, veggies, and cheese from the morning market right outside our B&B.

I DIE over all the little cars here.  There are seriously cars parked in every little space imaginable.  Mom and I keep wondering how people get out of their spaces, because people are parked so closely to one another.  Which explains why most people drive these tinser ones.

Their drinking fountains are sweet.  You plug the water flowing down with your finger and it pops out of the top hole so you can drink from it.  Gorgeous model for this drinking fountain shot, no?

At the Colosseum.

Our first gelato.  This has probably been my favorite part so far... the gelato.  Is that bad?  That I like ice cream more than Vatican City?  Yikes.

My first cup of coffee on the go... tooooo strong for me.  I put like three packs of sugar in that little thing.

Our picnic dinner on our evening walk... yummies from the morning market.

I love doors.

OMG friends, I totally was wishing I could see a wedding going on while on this trip.  And on our evening walk to see the views of Rome tonight, I saw TWO wedding photo shoots going on... can you believe it?  So so awesome.

Signing off for now.. hopefully I will be able to add more later. 

We head to Cinque Terre on Monday!

Love Ali.


  1. You make me smile. All of you.

  2. awesome photo's!! And, yes the drinking fountain model is gorgeous ;).

  3. OH MY!!! I am so envious! I miss it so much! I really hope you have the most amazing time.

  4. Great report, Ali! You both look maaavalous. Have fun!

  5. So glad to hear you made it safely!!! Love you guys, have a blast!! Can't wait to see more pics, live you both!!!

  6. It all looks and sounds so amazing! Glad you are having a blast friend!