Friday, May 13, 2011

welcome - i'm going to italy.

So I created this blog, then Blogger crashed, so my entire blog disappeared.  What gives??

Have no fear though, I did another quick throw-together, and here we are again.

My first post went something like this:


I'm going to Italy with my mom.  Just mom and I.  The deal is, I have older sisters.  For high school graduation, yes, you heard me right, high school graduation, her gift to us was to take each of us anywhere in the world we wanted to go.  SCORE, right?

Well, after I graduated from high school, I went on a senior trip with two of my best friends to Hawaii.. not bad.. not bad at all.  

Then right after that summer, I started school at the University of Oregon (go ducks).  While I was in school, each summer I was either studying abroad, working, or taking summer school to squeeze my 2 majors into 4 years.  I was NOT about to have any of that 5th year stuff.

Then right after I graduated from college, I got married.  And apparently after you get married, you are too busy to go on vacations out of the country, or something like that.

SO, I decided enough is enough, it was time for mom and I to go.  And let's be honest, mom isn't getting any younger (let's hope she doesn't read this!!)

For our two weeks...

We are starting in Rome.

Then heading to the Cinque Terre.

Then over to Florence.

Then to a bed and breakfast in the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Does that not sound amazing?  I KNOW.  I can't wait.

So my hope is to be able to post pictures and little blurbs of our adventures to this blog so you'll get a taste of what we're up to.  It's also going to be my little journal (depending on how many computers I can get my hands on throughout our journey).  I'm a much better slash faster typer than I am writer, so I can get more of my thoughts out this way.

Man, I am such a product of the 21st century.

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