Wednesday, May 25, 2011

still in Rome.

We had quite another busy day for our last day in Rome.
We started out at the weekly flea market in Trestevere... wow.  Blocks and blocks and blocks of tables and tables and tables just FULL of stuff to buy.  Some of it similar to everything else, some of it unique.  I bought a few things, of course.  This was the place to go to purchase cheap goodies!

Then we walked across the city to see the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish steps.  It was quite the walk, but all of it well worth it, of course.  We flipped a coin over our backs into Trevi Fountain, and walked up and down the Spanish steps ... felt the burn for sure!  We are getting great exercise here, which I love.

We spent our last night in Rome walking through the streets of our little town, people watching and enjoying the sounds of laughter and music.  We got lost again, of course.  I don't think we ever learned how to get our way back exactly... we always ended up just finding our way!


Throwing a coin into Trevi Fountain.  This calls for serious concentration, I guess.  I hope my wish comes true!!

 More of Trevi Fountain.  Can you believe these pieces of work actually exist places?

Purple man shorts.  Had to do it.

Pretty scenery.

I love bikes.

And more miniature cars.

That is all I have time for friends.  It's Cinque Terre next!



  1. I keep reading "Pretty scenery" under the picture of the purple short guy thinking that is what you are referring to instead of the picture beneath. This is funny.

  2. LOL, I totally agree with Ryan on this one.... So glad you guys are having a good time... one thing..where are the food pics??? Come on! :) Love and miss you both!

  3. Okay, okay, when I looked back to your previous blog post again I saw the market and coffee and gelato pics...

  4. Purple man shorts? You're in Italy, you have to be able to do better that that! You two are so lucky, yo are seeing ancient history. Love and miss you both.

  5. And by "you have to be able to do better than that" your pops means you should do us a solid and bring us both back a pair of those purple delights.