Friday, May 27, 2011

Cinque Terre.

First things first, I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

I only have time for a short post, so I wanted to share a few pictures with you.  The Cinque Terre is amazing, so quaint, so beautiful, so picturesque, so fairy tale.  We spent a couple of full days here, and I'm so glad we did.
The view from our room.

Our town - Manarola.



They have slurpee straws!

Their version of a frappuccino.  Better than nothing I guess :)

On one of our hikes.

 View from our boat ride.. Monterosso.

View from our hike from Monterosso to Vernazza.  It was an intense hike, but so worth it!



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  1. In the Riomaggiore picture, I think that guy walking toward you peed his pants.