Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hi all.

Our travels from the Cinque Terre were pretty smooth, aside from the fact that we didn't want to leave... everything was so beautiful there!  On our last day, I enjoyed sitting on a bench watching a little local boy play in the street.  He had the curliest mop top you've ever seen, and he had a long piece of string that he was cutting into littler pieces one by one and dropping them down into the stream below the city that runs out into the sea.  He was so dang cute, I probably could have watched him all afternoon.

We arrived in Florence on Thursday afternoon.  We spent our train ride from La Spezia to Florence talking to a retired New Zealand couple.  They were traveling all over Europe for 2 months together... Ry... I hope we get to do that together some day!  What a treat that would be.

Our B&B in Florence is adorable, as is the owner, who runs it along with her mom.  Upon our arrival at our B&B, we already knew Florence was much different from Rome... they actually have neighborhoods where there are separate houses and "gardens" as they call them... backyards.  We have a nice big room with seprte beds this time.  Mom treated me with the big one, so I feel like a queen with my giant headboard! 

The kitchen is adorable as well... picturesque country B&B style with hot tea and honey, or iced tea for us to enjoy whenever we'd like.  

We spent our first evening at San Miniato church, listening to the monks do chants.  Mom had wanted to do that all along, so I was glad we were able to experience that, even though it wasn't exactly what either of us were expecing.

We also found our way to the center, and walked along the Ponte Vecchio bridge.  Lots of expensive jewelry!  That's another big difference I've noticed between Rome and Florence... Florence is definitely full of stylish people.  I love it.

Our second day in Florence we saw the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia... The David of course was my favorite part... pictures do not do it justice.  It was pretty incredible to see it in person.  

We've had our fair share of gelato here, as well!  And of course we've shopped... love the leather here.  I may or may not have already purchased 3 leather pieces... whoops... sorry Ry!

We leave tomorrow morning for our last stop... Tuscany.

Outside Uffizi Gallery.

 The kitchen in our B&B.

My bed where I feel like a queen!

San Miniato Church, where we heard the monks chant.

View of Florence from San Miniato Church.

Jamie, aren't you in love with benches too?

Love the streets.

Ponte Vecchio bridge.

 View from Ponte Vecchio bridge.

At their grocery stores, you have to weigh your own produce.  That was interesting for mom and I to figure out!  Thankfully they had pictures of each fruit or veggie.

Ry, this one is for you my love!

Ciao friends.


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